DATE ME NEXT TIME PLEASE (Short Film, Review): Love Knows no Distance

Full Short Film



“Date Me Next Time Please”, is a tearful almost love story directed by prolific Malaysan director James Lee.

A short film that follows the lead of many of his jobs, exploring the incomprenssive mysteries of love relationships, revolving around two friends from a small town and their almost love story when they move to the big city.

The film is a bittersweet journey through an undeclared love story, with terminal diseases included, told through an aching path of sacrifice where victory is not guaranted and true love may not always being victorious, specially when two names were never written in the book of destiny.

The director brilliantly displays on the screen the frustration and misery of the ungrateful pursuing of true love when destiny has other plans making the audience reflect and probably even recall the misfortunes of their own personal experiences on the treacherous clutches of love.

Most of James Lee work is available on his own YOUTUBE channel, where you can enjoy more love stories as this one or action and martial arts films.

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