EIGHTEEN ARHATS OF SHAOLIN TEMPLE Review: Violence in the Serve of Justice

Exciting Martial Arts adventure that recreates a heroic deed based on real events, which tells how a group of Shaolin monks faced a group of bloodthirsty Japanese pirates to liberate a village.

Growing up as Jet Li´s sidekick on marvelous films such as “My father is a Hero”or  “Legend of the Red Dragon“, must be the closest thing in real life to being Robin for Batman, but also there should also be no better school to become a full-fledged action hero. its been almost 30 years since those endeavors as prodigy child, and there’s no doubt that this privileged early childhood education that he received alongside one of the biggest legends of martial arts cinema, has helped Miu Tse to forge himself as one of the top action heroes of modern action cinema that comes from china.

Despite Miu Tse leads the cast of this adventure, the truth is that the film presents a choral cast, in which the plot and the conflict is above the characters, so we don´t get to know neither the heroes or the villains profoundly, beyond of their motivations or the reasons why they´re fighting for, which makes the emotional side of the story not being able of reaching the intensity that was attempted, nevertheless, that flaw got eclipsed by the excellent work in the action sequences, delivering a fine spectacle of refined Martial Arts choreography, in which the spectator learns the valuable lesson that there´s no better remedy to defeat evil man than good men skilled at violence.

Shaolin Monks, Japanese pirates and Ninjas… Can you ask for more?


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Mike Garcia