KAMEN RIDER OOO 10th Film Announced

At a special live event, it was announced that a new film to continue the story of 2010’s Kamen Rider OOO would be released. Kamen Rider OOO: Revival of the Core Medals is the next film to be released in Toei’s V-Cinext series, and features the return of several characters from the beloved series to the screen. The film will have a limited theatre screening in Spring 2022, and a Blu-Ray/DVD release August 24th.

The story synopsis, translated by Tokusatsu Network, is as follows:

In the year 2021 C.E., the world is wrapped in chaos and fear. The Kamen Rider OOO from 800 years ago has returned by crossing time. With humanity on the verge of extinction, the traveling Eiji Hino makes his return. Shintaro Goto, Akira Date, and Hina Izumi are part of a resistance group fighting back. Will a tomorrow come where they can meet Ankh again…?

The film is confirmed to feature the return of Shu Watanabe (Attack on Titan live action, Flunk Punk Rumble) as protagonist Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO, Ryosuke Miura (Ruroni Kenshin: The Final, Beck Live Action) as Ankh, and several other familiar characters to the franchise.

Photo Credit: Toei

Watanabe addressed the audience after the trailer.

“You’ve been waiting ten years since the end of the broadcast. We have also been moving forward in our acting careers, dreaming of a tomorrow where we can meet Ankh again. Thus it is with great honor that we are able to announce this new movie. This movie is set ten years after the final episode. This is Eiji and Ankh’s final destination. Please look forward to the continuation of their stories when it reaches theaters in Spring 2022.”

Along with the returning Watanabe and Miura, Riho Takada (Joshiko, Ghost Theatre) returns as Hina Izumi, friend to Eiji, Asaya Kimijima as Shintaro Goto/Kamen Rider Birth, and Hiroaki Iwanaga (Berserk: Golden Age, Sengoku Basara) as Akira Date/Kamen Rider Birth Prototype. Also featured in the trailer are several new forms of OOO, including Tajadol Combo Eternity.

Check out the trailer and poster below. Thanks to Tokusatsu Network for translating the event!