PAST LIVES Review: A Fated Romance Trapped in the Remorse of a “What if…”

Celine Song surprises with her directorial debut, who, with an own script, tangles a tale that revolves around a teenage love story that got interrupted by the waves of life that sweeped their hearts apart from each other. Nevertheless, 12 years later, the tides of destiny finally bring them back together, thanks to technology and social networks, reliving a fated that was stucked on the remorses of a, “what if…”

“Past Lives” is a tale guided by “In-Yun“, a Korean concept that means ““providence” or “fate”, that explains that destiny can´t be controlled, and there´s always a reason for whoever walks in or walks out from our life. A fascinating concept that the director impregnates through a brilliant simplicity, in a story that takes place in two different continents, represented by an excellent acting job, that guides the audience through the path of destiny that the characters follow, with love as their only one-way ticket to reach the uncertain destination of fate.

A moving excellent piece of exquisite and beautiful cinema that truly deserves the praise that is receiving.

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