POWER RANGERS: DINO FURY Season 2 Exclusive to Netflix

The long running tokusatsu franchise Power Rangerslatest season will find it’s homeexclusively on Netflix, Deadline reports. Power Rangers: Dino Fury season 2 will debut in the spring of 2022, the first to be exclusive to the platform.

Dino Fury is the first season complete produced by Hasbro since acquiring the franchise in 2018 in a cash and stock purchase from Saban Brands. Based on the Japanese series Super Sentai,Power Rangers began in 1993 with it’s adaption of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, called Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.The show followed a team of “teenagers with attitude” as they are granted super powers by an alien being in an effort to defeat evil witch Rita Repulsa. The show ran for three seasons before branching out into sequel series Power Rangers Zeo.


Dino Fury is the 29th season in the series, and follows the alien knight Zayto and a new team of teens protecting Earth from new alien threats. The new season promises new allies, weapons, Zords (the mecha the Rangers pilot against giant enemies), and a new T-Rex inspired motorcycle. All five Rangers will be returning for season two, along with their latest recruit, the Gold Ranger Aiyon, an alien from the same world as Zayto. The new season beings immediately after season one, with many characters from season one having their fates revealed.

Season one of Dino Fury, as well as several other seasons, are currently streaming exclusively on Netflix. If you’d like to see some behind the scenes action, check out our article on the Power Rangers Action Team’s first foray into Social Media.

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