SAMARITAN Review: The Slight difference Between Good and Evil

Following the new trend of superhero cinema, Sylvester Stallone tries his luck on the genre becoming the star of this film adaptation based on the Mythos Comics graphic novel of the same name that was published in 2014. The veteran actor gets on the skin of a superheroe, who is thought to be dead after an epic battle against his bigger enemy. However, Some years later, a 13 year-old kid, obsessed with the idea that his hero still lives , thinks to have found him.


Julius Avery directs a somber film that feels like an actioner on disguise, with Stallone as the centre of the action as an aging hopeless hero, in an unconventional setting for this type of cinema, that distinguish this feature for the rest of its kind, in a story where nothing is what it seems at first sight, bringing good doses of old school badassery to he screen, including lethal one liners, and a perfect rythm that makes the story advance smoothly to a explosive climatic ending in which this story that narrates the eternal battle between good and evil, reaches over the top levels of intensity, with a surprising plot twist that gives a new vision to the whole story.

Stallone leads the film with solvency, filling the screen with his screen pressence and charisma, having with the rest of the cast an astonishing chemistry that elevates the whole film to a higher level. On the negative side, some CGI moments really needs improvement, and the film lacks of a memorable score (A big issue in today´s mass cinema), besides that, the oversaturation of superhero cinema might make some people overlook this small production, that really deserved a theatrical release, but this a constant changing world, and not always for the best.

Overall Samaritan is a solid film that presents a conventional premise into an unconventional setting, bringing together the best of modern cinema and the old school style, delivering a fun ride of amusing entertainment that don´t let down, managing to offer the audience an enjoyable ride that will makes them reflect on the complexity of good and evil, and how similar are between them, being only separated by a really thin line

Is up to you which side to choose, good or evil, but if you make the right choice, Samaritan will be waiting for you in an Amazon Prime near you

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