KAMEN RIDER: BEYOND GENERATIONS Casts Son of Original Kamen Rider

The role of Takeshi Hongo, aka Kamen Rider Ichigo, has since it’s TV debut been played by Hiroshi Fujioka. The actor would go on to be relatively successful in Japanese film, to this day still booking roles regularly. These roles have included returning to the role of Hongo, but for the upcoming Kamen Rider: Beyond Generations film, the role will be carried on by his son, Maito!

Kamen Rider: Beyond GenerationsĀ is the upcoming winter seasonal film featuring the current Kamen Riders and other characters fromĀ Kamen Rider Revice and Kamen Rider Saber. Taking place in three different time periods, the movie will feature a story set in 1971, during the origin story of Ichigo. Set as an alternate, or “another”, timeline, the film will cover the day that Takeshi Hongo is transformed into Kamen Rider by Shocker, an evil organization bent on taking over the world. In the original story, Takeshi Hongo is kidnapped by Shocker to become their cyborg champion, Kamen Rider. He, however, makes his escape before they are able to brainwash him, and vows to destroy Shocker.

Along with a photos of Maito as Hongo, a short video was released where he discusses the role and his motivations for taking it. As a bonus, the video features a behind the scenes of the film, and a look at Maito performing the iconic Rider Henshin pose! The photos and video feature Maito in the blue blazer and tie that his father once wore during the first few episodes of the TV series.

Maito previously took on another project involving his father, as the son of famous Sega mascot, Segata Sanshiro. As Sega Shiro, a high school boy crazy about Sega, he takes on his father’s legacy as the protector of Sega in it’s new era by defeating a masked villain. These commercials would air as part of Sega’s 60th Anniversary celebration in 2020.

Maito Fujioka as Takeshi Hongo, performing the Rider Henshin pose before transforming into Kamen Rider Ichigo. Credit: Toei Press Release


Maito Fujioka as Takeshi Hongo, engaging Shocker Footsoldiers. Credit: Toei Press Release

The film is set to open December 17th in Japan. You can read the full press release on Toei’s Japanese Website.