AFM 2017: Action Thriller BORDERLINE Teases Cult Appeal With Diego Hallivis To Direct

Screen Media has been hitting the floor this week selling its package to buyers including sci-fi drama, Curvature from helmer Diego Hallivis. In wake of this, Variety is now reporting the director will be working on the new action thriller, Borderline, marking the latest project under his shared 1inMM Productions banner with sibling and prod. partner Julio Hallvis.

Story details are being kept quiet while the plot itself is being described as a cross between David McKenzie’s Hell Or High Water and the 2014 hit movie, John Wick. In that case, it’s reasonable to imagine this being a desert hitman western heist thriller with a Wick-ton of gun fu and BJJ scrapping and personally, I hope that’s the case.

Phillip Tarl Denson wrote the film which 1inMM is financing. Hallvis’s Curvature screened recently at Sitges and will release early next year with Lyndsay Fonseca and Terminator 2: Judgement Day actress Linda Hamilton starring.