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About Me

Me, and stunt professionals Aaron Toney and Cheryl “InAction” Lewis

My name is Lee B. Golden III and I live in N.Y.C..

As a fan of other news sites reading and keeping up with the niche film crowd, it was maybe around 2006 or ’07 when I decided to take the initiave and build my own site from a freehosting platform on wordpress. That site has since been defunct following my computer crash and my inaccessibility to a computer for the next several years.

As time rolled on, I got into smartphones and social media and even politics, but by 2012, I wasn’t happy. So, I did what I could using Google’s Blogger platform as of February 2013 after being compelled in September 2012 to start a Facebook fan page that would also serve as a home for folks who loved action and niche Asian film titles, and shared a unique appreciation for stunt performers and independent projects.

My readership grew quite a bit since taking the mantle of “film blogger” and journalism in 2013. Starting in June 2018 however, things finally began shifting toward a much-needed evolution as Film Combat Syndicate needed a newer, more crisp and appealing look for readers, and with the help of the site’s developer, Eileen Cruz, not only is my accessibility better, but hopefully readers will have a more inviting and awesome experience.

I have some personal reasons for starting Film Combat Syndicate as well, but needless to say, I’m happy to have built some kind of a following to talk about movies, share opinions and prizes and even bring new voices onto our platform.

Ms. Cruz also created our new logo, inspired by Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist – a title of my own choosing, and proudly wearing thanks in large part to director and co-star/creator, Joey Ansah, who gave us his blessing.

OUR GOAL: To cover a wide variety of mainstream and independent projects attributed to action movies and projects from around the world with an angle toward following stunt performers and independent creatives.

Film Combat Syndicate began as early as September 2012 with the launch of the Facebook page, intially with the sharing of various trailers and videos by talented stunt performers. Through social media activity and support from fans, the page ascended to its own blog as of February of 2013, now host to numerous interviews with various stunt professionals and filmmakers around the world.

If you have a project or a scoop, or an exclusive for us to cover, shoot us an E-mail!