THE HIT LIST – December 14, 2015

My weekend started off as a really loaded one. But, again, I was determined to squeeze in this week’s round up of amazing experimental fight action and cinematic stuntwork by some of today’s inspired performers…

That said, it’s been more than a year since I started conceptualizing these articles as Hit Lists and if you’ve been following us long enough, you already know how this goes: Stunt reels! Alas, you get two Vimeo exclusives from stuntwoman Thekla Hutyrova and fight coordinator Matt Berberi, followed by a YouTube-friendly playlist of fellow stunt performers in the form of an extended reel from martial artist and filmmaker Shaun Charney, and stunt reels by Brandyn T. Williams, famed Batman (1989) double Dave Lea, martial artist Nikki Stanley new reels from filmmakers Tony Diaz and actor Dennis Ruel, and a new 2016 reel by the award-winning martial arts performance troupe, Team Sideswipe.

Thekla Hutyrova Action Reel 2015 from Thekla Hutyrova on Vimeo.

MATT BERBERI 2015 FIGHT COORDINATOR REEL from matt berberi on Vimeo.

And now, off to some teaser news of which there are two; the first I found comes straight from the bearings of 233 Film with Ghanan director Antoni-Jordi Owusu for the upcoming short, The Exchange, which has some terrific shots to sell itself to an audience. The second hails from a Film Combat Syndicate team favorite, Lunar Stunts who’ve, for better or worse, prove that it’s neither too early nor late for a zombie movie with the upcoming short, The Highway.

Press play and feel the groove!

Time to get on board with some fight action this week, and as such, have a look at these samplers from Dardrex‘s own Darren Holmquist and Martin Chan, another sampler from Kefi Abrikh and Djibril Newik Chase, the EMC Monkey’s newest – Super Park Fighters, Eric Jacobus’s newest Doom-inspired Go Pro fight with Thomas Tan, actor and stuntman and newly-decorated Karate black belt Chuck Johnson’s latest endeavor with Quiet Flame Stunts in Poster Boys featuring Yasufumi Minowa, Corridor Digital’s Cat Dog Kung Fu, Ronnie Shalvis’s latest Star Wars-inspired freerunning lightsaber short with CBR Stunts and T. Ryan Mooney’s newest spectacular action piece, Tooth For A Tooth.

And lastly, the likely final Super Powered Beatdown of 2015 from the folks over at Bat In The Sun. Darth Maul goes toe-to-toe with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, featuring respective performances by Dirk Ellis and Power Rangers: Dino Charge co-star Yoshua Sudarso, with fight choreography by Alvin Hsing, and with all votes cast for this latest video, fans can expect a new edit with an alternative ending in January. Enjoy the cosplay debates and the action-packed simulation below!

And there you have it. Subscribe to these channels for all the content you need and be sure to catch any of last week’s entries if you missed them. Moreover, we’re down to the wire for 2015 so if you wanna make Hit List history and have some awesome content you think deserves a spotlight, shoot it over to us at!