AROUND THE WEB: Christmas Edition

It’s been a vivacious year for independent action cinema, and likely moreso than what I can keep up with, with so many teams out there in the world looking to create inspired and ambitious short films and projects to get their content circulating. And today, I have at least four new clips for what I am dubbing as this year’s Christmas Day edition of my Around The Web series, with two of the clips attributed to the holiday season.

The first two come straight from Italy, by way of two teams – the first being D-Unit’s new fan-driven shortfilm, Gift Revenge: A Star Wars Christmas Special featuring actors Loris Ripamonti and Mirco Cazzol. The piece is directed and edited by Cristoforo Cervino, with whom all three are currently working on a recently aired YouTube action webseries titled C9DES (Codes) – click the tags at the bottom of the article to learn more.

Check out Gift Revenge in the following embed, and special thanks to Ripamonti for sharing this little gem.

The second clip comes courtesy of Daniele Balconi who appears as his own rendition of Santa Claus in Stunt Claus: All Santa Wants For Christmas Is Peace. This little comedic holiday spoof doesn’t come with subtitles as it is entirely in Italian. However you get the basic idea of just what is happening – four thugs holding a rather Santa hostage, until Santa gets the upper hand and fights his way out. [UPDATE] The clip is now available with subtitles.

It’s a funny clip and I’m sure you will enjoy it. Alex Riva, Valerio Fioretti, Fabio Argentino and Klaudio Muça also star. Special thanks to Balconi for sharing this with our page, and for subscribing to Film Combat Syndicate.

The next two clips are non-holiday oriented, but I felt they deserved sharing as fitting additions to today’s Christmas article here; The next following clip in the next comes courtesy of the Serbia-based Team 360 and its members Dalibor Ranđelović Kraka, Nemanja Sekulić and Mirodrag Radulaški, and the team behind their first fight clip from the summer titled Fight For No Reason.

Ironically this not the first time I have seen a short action film with this particular title in the last ten years I have been following independent action cinema. But considering what you see in the short film, the title seems fitting – two guys going at it for no apparent reason whatsoever, leading to a silly and hilarious conclusion. It’s a fun piece created by a small group of people who have a total of well over thirty years in various styles of martial arts training and parkour, and are just now starting out.

Check it out below, and special thanks to Kraka for posting this on our Facebook page.

Last but not least, the fourth following short piece titled Sparring At Chimosa, features two of Germany’s most prominent film stunt professionals, Niklas Kinzel and Kai Fung Rieck. The clip was shot by Tolga Degirmen, and I came across this in my Facebook feed, so hopefully I can learn more about these guys in the near future. In the meantime, check out their latest clip below!

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