SHE NEVER DIED: Get A Look At The Sister Sequel Penned By The Director Of ‘He Never Died’!

Screen International brought the latest look at A71 Productions’ recently completed thriller, She Never Died. The film, which wrapped in North Bay, Canada several days ago, stands as a sister sequel to Jason Krawczyk’s 2015 crowdfunded action horror, He Never Died, in which Henry Rollins played a social recluse with a biblical past whose penchant for eating people finds him rescuing his long lost daughter from a vengeful crimeboss’s kidnapping.

That film stands to get a sequel from Krawczyk following its announcement back in February. Much to the delight of those who enjoyed the 2015 film, Krawczyk also penned this particular venture directed by Audrey Cummings who co-stars with starring upcoming Chaos Walking co-star, actress Olunike Adeliyi who leads the narrative. I’m not entirely sure this film will take on the same brooding, blackly comedic tones, but I don’t really see a departure from it just yet, and the premise below does leaves room for possibility.

LACEY is a socially detached cannibal cursed with immortality. Being a biblical character, Lacey is not only burdened with everlasting life, but with the haunting memories of thousands of years of monstrous violence. After saving her estranged daughter from her criminal past, Lacey is now a wandering vagabond attempting to keep her supernatural compulsion in check. 

Along the way, she discovers some of the darkest souls humanity has to offer. Confronting depraved sadists that reflect the similarities of her long life of destruction, Lacey must now defy her inner demons and strike a balance of revenge, responsibility, and her ability to wipe out the earth’s most deplorable psychopaths.

Also starring are Michelle Nolden, Peter MacNeil, Noah Danby, and Kiana Madeira. White Eagle joins A71 with Jennifer Mesich serving as producer and A71 Productions president David Miller executive producing with Zach Hagen and Krawczyk of AES Productions, Bill Marks of Vortext Pictures, and Dan Peel of Theatre D / Urban Post Production, according to the report a few days ago.

V71 reps the film internationally while A71 remains in planning a Canadian release.