ACTIONFLIX.COM: Roel Reine Announces Launch Of Independent Action Cinema And Genre Film Hub

Director Roel Reine has been doing a little more than making movies, it appears. The Redbad director now has a new global broadcasting platform ready to accommodate creatives around the world with the launch of ActionFlix, and judging by the name alone we already know just who this platform is targeting.

The launch will occur in two phases while Reine will surely be including his own films as the announcement details below. And this isn’t just for the top-tier crowd of filmmakers as up-and-comers can even submit their own projects as well. In an age where Hollywood action movies take the reigns over the struggling independent scene, burgeoning creatives will finally get to share in the momentum as well.

Read on below the graphic!


Los Angeles – May 16, 2018

Dear Filmmaker,

ACTIONFLIX.COM will be a Global Streaming Broad-caster specializing in independent Action Movies and Subgenres made by creative filmmakers around the globe. Global Streaming means that ACTIONFLIX movies can be watched in all territories around the world, on any platform (iPhone, lap tops, tablets, Apple TV, Xbox, etc.). The filmmakers will not only share movies, but most importantly, also share stories about the making of these productions. We’re creating a community where audiences and filmmakers come together around their common love for this genre.

The demand for audio visual content is growing expansively, with the Action genre being at the height of its popularity. Currently the market for Action Movies is dominated by the big studios with A-List actors. These are also the movies that one sees on streaming channels like Netflix, HBO, Sky and Amazon Prime. In the world of independent movie production there is a strong urge to make action movies or subgenre action movies, like action-horror or action-science fiction. But most of these low budget action movies are not finding any distribution in theaters or on the streaming services. With no stars attached, it is sometimes almost impossible to find distribution of any kind. It’s even more difficult when your movie is in a foreign language. ACTIONFLIX.COM is going to change this.

The technical streaming service is built and provided by NEP from The Netherlands, they are a market leader in the field of video delivery and has one of the largest audiovisual data centers in Europe at its disposal.

ACTIONFLIX is an initiative of award winning film director Roel Reiné (‘Death Race’ Sequels, ‘Admiral’, ‘Marvel’s Inhumans’, ‘Black Sails’, ‘Death in Tombstone’), who started his career with Low Budget Action movies. After he moved to Los Angeles he became a household name for action movies at the Major Studios and these movies became very successful. Some of Roel’s early movies will be online at ACTIONFLIX including his award winning debut movie ‘THE DELIVERY’.

PHASE 1: Start of the online website with an ‘iTunes construction’ of filmmakers putting their films up for display. Audiences around the world, can see them streaming on their devices for a low fee. This price can be decided by the filmmaker himself, but we want to keep it low, like $0.99 or $1.99 per title. Every movie will then be accompanied by the “making of”, director’s commentary track, downloadable screenplays and set photos and props of the movies can be bought and/or self created merchandise sold.

RULES: ACTIONFLIX will take 30% of any revenue of the service. 70% is for the filmmakers. Movies need to be in English or with English subtitles on the movie itself. No complicated deliverables! The only deliverables are: HD QuickTime video master file with stereo or Dolby sound and (if needed) with subtitles included on the picture. Trailer in HD 

QuickTime. Making Of or other content related to the movie in HD QuickTime or a separate link to filmmakers own YouTube or Vimeo channels. A movie poster and set photo’s in JPG or Tiff. Filmmakers sign a short contract that declares that all content is owned and created by the filmmaker (including music) and indemnified ACTIONFLIX for any rights related problems. Having ACTIONFLIX doing the digital distribution of your movie online in all international territories, is not an exclusive arrangement. Filmmakers can still keep other distribution contracts and possibilities. Filmmaker decides themselves on the rental prices and they will get a quarterly revenue declaration and is then paid quarterly through PayPal. 

For PHASE 1, projects can be submitted to ACTIONFLIX now, and they will likely be included at the launch.


– Marketing: when the site is up and running we will start with a small and later bigger marketing push.

– Creation of ACTIONFLIX App: for all devices.

– Original Content: Creating original content, movies, TV series and documentaries, with the filmmakers that are distributing their movies on the ACTIONFLIX channel.

– Audience Participations in creating new content. Create content using new ways to involve the audience early on in pre-production. Audience can for instance choose certain titles, scripts, locations, and plot twists.

– Subscription: Combining subscriptions and VOD on the channel.

– Crowdfunding: Independent moviemakers can start a crowd funding page for their project targeted to an Action Movie supportive audience on ACTIONFLIX.  Give-away’s can be pre-production audience input, on-set visits, making-of videos, extra cameos or similar.

– Academy: Viewers are allowed to cut clips from the movies and give commentary, reviews as well as educate other viewers (and filmmakers) on the art of filmmaking.

– Festival: Organize local and worldwide festivals to promote these genre films.

– Awards: Yearly awards will be given to the movies and their makers on the channel.

For submitting your movie or any other questions please send an email to: