Fisticuffs, Knives And Hammers Are Weapons Of Choice In The New Short, SmokeCity: BLOODLAND

For Michael Chin, the only way out is to fight his way out in SecondCity: BLOODLAND!

It was just last week that action fans like myself got to witness actor and martial artist Michael Chin in the latest action release from Doghouse 73 Pictures for Malaysian director James Lee’s pilot shortfilm, Second Life. It was an impressive introduction, at least for me as I was just learning about Lee’s new production platform. However, it was also not Chin‘s first stint in cinematic action as his career harkens back just a little earlier with one piece dating back to 2012 in the form of the new shortfilm, SmokeCity: Bloodland, a story of two petty criminals who find themselves way in over their heads when confronted by the men responsible for the crime they are helping commit.

The shortfilm was actually aired back in late 2012 after filming in September that year, before ultimately being taken down by its director, Adrian Lai, so he could revamp his channel and remaster the original edit. It was also a new step at the time for action coordinator Chee Hong and his stunt team, Low Angle Productions, who decided that this presented an opportunity to experiment with less flashier techniques to allow for more grittier and violent action sequences. To our delight, the result is what you see below, and it is well worth the eleven minutes of your time and appreciation as an action fan.

Plans for a second installation are already in the works with the hopes of casting female fighters, although it will take some time considering it is an independent production. But with any luck, SmokeCity 2 will see its fair share of brutal cat fights accompanied by some hardcore action design in the months to come.

In the meantime, by way of re-release, enjoy SmokeCity: Bloodland, and stay tuned for more info!