THE HIT LIST: January 22, 2018

Putting this particular Hit List together became a little more fruitful than expect. Thus, expect this one to finish off deliciously with an explosive finale that will garner much of your respect and fandom.

Top: Dan Carter, Caitlin Hutson, Nik Pelekai, Katie O’Donovan, Felix King
Bottom (L to R): Nicole Marines, Pip Anderson, Mike Carr, Kai Young, Shai DeBroux

To start, as always, we have stunt reels to share to kick off this week’s entries and with none other than Caitlin Hutson straight blasting away followed by the stellar feats of German action actor Felix Fukuyoshi, Coulton Jackson, Katie O’Donovan, Kamen Casey, Nik Pelekai, Jen Bennett, Craig Putnam, Tully Bertorelli, Nicole Marines, Jim Sinclair, Shinji Ishigaki, Judit Szvia, Dallas Hille, Yannick Ghanty, Rochelle Okoye, Reon Van Der Watt, Blake Lindsell, Laura Sutton and Pip Anderson, and Ramazan Bulut’s latest work reel from Bullet Action Design out of Germany!

As far as promotional bits go, all I can tell you so far is that next to working on The Paper Tigers, Mark Poletti has been a busy fellow going into the new year and one project called Jack & Jill caught my attention via Instagram. Any and all nitty gritties are under wraps about this project but several posts on his page and that of actress Julie Zhan reveal quite the beating both characters appear to take in the footage being shot. Check out the stills just beneath this week’s latest look into Headhacker shortfilm helmer Glen Harris’s latest bid in ninja action with revenge thriller, Honour, with Mike Carr starring in footage you can now exclusively view below!

JJ Sneak Peak pt.1 – Just a liiiiiiitle sneak peak of what we’ve been up to for the past month! @dancejujudance ?: @mellylee_ ?: @bowmanmakeup New #Action #Shortfilm #comingsoon ! . . . . . . . #actor #director #actress #martialartist #actionfilm #lensflare #sfxmakeup #johnwick #jackiechan #kungfu #wushu #bjj #kickboxing #framez #Cinematography #Photography #setlife #setphotography #womenwhokickass #sneakpeak #drama #gh5 #djironin #hollywood #indiefilm #actorartistnerd #markpoletti

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JJ Sneak Peak pt2. – This short is my directing debut. I honestly thought the process was going to leave me feeling like this photo… But the truth is – I really #dig it hahahaha ?: @mellylee_ ?: @bowmanmakeup ?: @luke_dejoras . . . . . . #actor #director #writer #framez #lighting #cinematography #mua #sfxmakeup #photography #setphotographer #shortfilm #indiefilm #actionfilm #martialarts #kungfu #boxing #jiujitsu #dowork #stunts #trusttheprocess #storytelling #a7r2 #a7rii #sony #makeup #createcontent #teaser #actorartistnerd #markpoletti

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JJ Sneak Peak pt.3 – @dancejujudance stepped up her action game and definitely leveled up since Cactus and #theblockfilm ! #badasswoman And I can’t not give enough kind words to Doug, and can’t wait to show you guys his take as our Villain ? ?: @mellylee_ ?: @luke_dejoras ?: @bowmanmakeup . . . . . . #actor #actionfilm #shortfilm #framez #photography #setphotography #bts #womenwhokickass #womenempowerment #breakingstereotypes #atomicblonde #martialarts #kungfu #bjj #taekwondo #karate #kickboxing #stunts #drama #director #producer #contentcreation #mountainbarproductions #sfxmakeup #colors #Cinematography #actorartistnerd #MarkPoletti

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You should see the other guy. Look out for a new action project coming soon 🙂 Directed by @mark_poletti ?: @mellylee_ ?: @bowmanmakeup ?: @luke_dejoras #jackandjill #action #asskicking #jackiechan #ismydad

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It’s time to throwdown something fierce this week and we begin with a plethora of test action demos firstly from Moon Ameen, followed by Daniel Nelson crossing blows with Ebony De La Haye, Dan Carter and James Newman fight for the title role of The Better Swordsman, Matthew D’Aoust and Mathieu St-Pierre tossing up the white stuff in Fight Or Flight, Hannes Pastor sharpening up his craft with a prop knife and stuntfighters Johann Foul and Jan Krauter and Samsul Ibrahim‘s Youtube channel now host to trio of performers amid a delightful Silat display heavily influenced from The Raid.

The playlist continues onward with Gee Lil’ Bomb Jay manning up as Rey for Kamen Ramen‘s most recent ode to Star Wars with Jourdan Barnett, Alex Dell’Aquila and Eric Fuchs, Ruben Maldonado smokin’ it up with Joseph Roark and Felix King, Priscilla Fontanez behind the lens with editor Kai Young throwing his weight in for a group practice action piece, and award-winning Rising Tiger Films in hard-hitting sequel form with Baddest 2.

The RackaRacka‘s Danny and Micahel Philippou square off with Orcs in a brutal pit fight club sponsored by WB Games for Middle Earth: Shadow Of War, actress and cosplayer Erin Haus batters-up in a Harley Quinn-inspired fan piece, Fernando Jay Huerto’s Better Homes And Villains invokes dark comedy about a failing superhero seeking self-improvement, and Bryan Sloyer wreaking absolute havoc on the sense with an action-packed and spiritually momentous tale of deep connection and thought in Capture with Jay Kwon, Kiera O’Connor and Shai DeBroux.

Last and WAY far from least is a John Wick-inspired damn straight kick-ass fan flick from AERI Productions out of Florida. Starring and directed by Steven Quach, Ebullition reads like the first of a series based on its thumbnail art with Chapter 1 as its subtitle, and with Quach starring as an underworld hitman whose life is turned upside down in a single tragic evening, forcing his hand. Bloody and ballistic retribution ensues with Quach also coordinating the action in a highly-energetic uplifting spate of kills and a twist at the end that will leave you curious. I loved this project and I hope Chapter 2 arises in due time.

Enjoy the hits!

Top (L to R): Rochelle Okoye, Leroy Nguyen, Kiera O’Connor, Steven Quach, Laura Sutton
Bottom (L to R): Daniel Nelson, Ruben Maldonado, Shinji Ishigaki, Felix Fukuyoshi, Joseph Roark

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