Cannes 2015: THE MONKEY KING'S DAUGHTER Set To Shoot This Winter

A number of Chinese co-productions being announced in Cannes this month continue to make way in the press. This so far includes the latest coverage of another cinematic variation of the classic Journey To The West story preparing to spin-off into modern-day fantasy for fans of the YA movie-going crowd with the new film, The Monkey King’s Daughter.

First off, I had no idea the guy was a parent. And secondly, I’m not too familiar with the source material to know if this is actually canonical, although it’s prominent in the current 2009-2013 series of books by Todd DuBois who is in charge of the screenplay for the corresponding film set to go into production this Winter according to THR. The book series, aimed at children aged 8 to 14, centers on Meilin, a normal California high school girl, unknowing of her heritage, whose genetic make-up transforms her into a superheroine on her 16th birthday and transports her to ancient China where she learns her roots and is joined by her legendary father in battling the forces of evil to save her mother. 

Red Sea Media is reportedly handling the sales at Cannes where the news is that Lü Jianmin will be backing the production through his Beijing-based Chunqiu Time Culture Company banner collaborating with ANA Media’s Scott Einbinder. Executive producer Aki L.G. Aleong will be providing his services as such as CEO of Mustard See Media Group for Nanhai-based Ace Studios to faciliate while production commences in China and Canada beginning later this year.

This won’t be the only bit of news relevant to any and all releated to the aforementioned folklore with AMC’s forthcoming Badlands series in addition to Global Star’s upcoming altered U.S. distribution of director Soi Cheang’s own 2014 box office hit, The Monkey King starring Donnie Yen, parallel to Cheang’s forthcoming sequel with Aaron Kwok later this year as well.

Stay tuned for more info!

H/T: City On Fire