Makai Knights At War For The Soul In The Latest Teaser For 'GARO' Spin-Off, BIKU: YAMIGIRINOCHI

Tokusatsu mainstay, writer and filmmaker Amemiya Keita has a calling with his long standing popular suit-action franchise, Garo. Those familiar with the various aspects of the property through film and television will no doubt continue their fandom in the months ahead as they have been, especially with the exciting saga now gearing for its 10th Anniversary and J-idol girl group, AKH48 member Akimoto Sayaka starring.

Biku: Yamigirinochi is the name of the film spun-off from the recent Makai no Hana series which series Akimoto in the title role of a warrior priestess who hunts down fallen Makai knights to dispell the darkness within. She is ultimately assigned to oversee the spiritual state of a fellow Makai priest in question – a mission that only further leads to more questions that require the help of a higher Makai Priest. Suga Kenta and Mickey Curtis also star, and with the latest teaser trailer making the rounds as of just a few weeks ago ahead of the film’s November release, there’s plenty here to look forward to in terms of drama, mystery and depth with plenty of stylish action and dazzling visuals to boot.

The Garo franchise is a lovely one, isn’t it? Watch the teaser for Biku: Yamigirinochi in the player below and watch for more news ahead!

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