THE HIT LIST: September 21, 2015

Off the heels of my most recent three year anniversary piece, I sit here writing this at the wonder of seeing so much content floating online. I feel proud to share it all in my weekly Hit List and I sincerely hope it further benefits everyone I share…

…and that includes those currently comprising this week’s entries, starting off with a meaty playlist full of stunt and tricking montages. First up is a drone-shot view of a recent Battle Of Fury 2015 tricking gathering thanks to lensman Nick Marino, with a slate of reels hosted by Trevor Logan, and a finshing round of female talent with Haley Wright, Cheri Haight, Amy Lynn Tuttle, Deanna Graci and PeiPei Alena Yuan all showing out their best.

As for trailers, quite a few are circulating right now including Daren Nop’s latest short film twofer, Shadow Of 13, the story of a homeless man who often risks his own life for the good of his neighborhood. Both shorts released between last year and this year and were tentatively removed as per requirements for their run at Cannes this year. They’re going back up soon, and so we have a compilation trailer now running.

Other trailers include a fight concept from actor and stuntman Alfred Hsing inspired by the Death Note manga and movie franchise, T.C. De Witt’s long-awaited Halo fan film, Fallen and the latest promo from Nathyn Masters for Crashing Darkness.

Trailer SHADOW OF 13 from Madjinn Films on Vimeo.

It’s been a while since I shared any real freerunning and parkour videos, so I thought I’d snag a few for another brief playlist full of snazzy urban tumblers, firstly with a trailer for Omar Zaki‘s channel, along with an update from Jesse LaFlair, a cool gathering of trickers by way of the Ronnie Street Stunts channel, a montage of stunts in Lepzig from the [IF] Crew, and footage from the summer from the Hurgan debut gathering in Mongolia!

And now it’s time to get fighting, and kicking this segment is a nifty little playlist of short test fights. Mykola Galagan starts things off with a robust little samurai bit followed by Joey Min’s latest spectacular testament to epic pillow fighting and Dylan Hintz in a challenge of water bottle etiquette courtesy of DC Stunt Coalition. Rounding out the playlist are fights also featuring Alex Au‘s latest exchange between Kaitlin Hiller and choreographer Joseph Le, a newly edited and isolated CQC scene from a 2011 short courtesy of Dardrex Productions, a stellar piece of high-flying “Evil Kung Fu” fight work by Airon Armstrong, and Cinematic Fight Studio’s newest piece, Roomies.

Now we move on to the longer-form material and first to the list here is the latest from Saudi Arabia-based Stunt Guys titled The Escape, directed by Helal Mohamad. It’s a little loosely produced and it’s entirely in Arabic with no subs, but it serves up a nice little action and comedy experiment with a few noteworthy set pieces and gags, including a woman on a cell phone and a jar of Vaseline (no, this is not that kind of video.). Watch!

Up next is the latest induction from EMC Monkeys in their newest short story centered on a boxer who makes a comeback against a few neighborhood bullies led by Robert Dill.. what a meanie!

Check it out below and don’t forget to support them on Patreon in the description!

The next short hails straight from filmmaker, actor and stuntman Michael Lehr whose career progression remains in training and helping out with various productions. Otherwise, he’s working on his own gems to share with action fans, including his current webseries in conjunction with Fight Factory Stunt Team, VerseS, which marinates our anti-hero, Finn, in a world of poetic violence, justified or not. You be the judge and catch the latest webisode below!

On our way out, Rising Tiger Films has been on a roll this year with the film festivals as they’ve been ramping up their channel on YouTube. As such, we now have their latest short, These Dog Days, making the rounds ahead of its Urban Action Showcase and Expo this November; a short and brutal tale of vengeance with Leroy Nguyen and Daniel Sim in the ring, and Buddy The Dog spectating!

And last but far from least, who knew that a good drink and a pair of sneakers would be the answer to life’s problems? Brian Parker directs Fists of Absinthe アブサンの拳 in association with YouTube Space Tokyo and Quiet Flame Stunts, and starring Chuck Johnson, Kawahata Masahito and Hayakawa Tomoko. Have a brew and enjoy this drunken and feudal tumble through time with ninjas, samurais, and bad teeth!

Wicked. And you know what? The same could absolutely be said for last week’s Hit List, so take it all in if you have time. As for beyond here, link to the channels and show your love and support. And also, if you make kickass action movies and/or have a superb stunt reel that are up to par, share it and send it to us at!