TOKYO GHOUL Loads Up On Ghoul Action In The Extended New International Trailer

This summer is a great time to be an otaku if the annual Anime Expo in Los Angeles is within your purview. Consider yourself part of the crowd as well if you’ve been prioritizing a viewing of Hagiwara Kentaro’s forthcoming live-action adaptation of Ishida Sui’s popular manga, Tokyo Ghoul.

Kubota Masataka leads the cast of the film which tells of an ordinary college student who befalls the ills of a near-death transformation to a half-human “ghoul”, stumbling into a hidden world of other monsters where epic battles await. Rounding out the cast are Shimizu Fumika, Aoi Yu, Suzuki Nobuyuki and Oizumi Yo for the film’s +18 wristband-approved World Premiere audience at AX 2017 on July 3.

The film features a soundtrack by Don Davis (The Matrix Trilogy) with a title track by Radwimps lead singer, Noda Yojiro who produced music for the award-winning anime fantasy, Your Name. Funimation Films will be hosting the screening and of course, will likely see to its North American release – official details pending. 

With the most recent official trailer making way online after its live-streamed cast and crew debut at YouTube Space Tokyo, an emotive, spectacular new trailer emerged on Tuesday.

Check it out below along with the international artwork just beneath.