DIAMOND DOGS: Sunny Pang Taps Into His Primal Instincts In The First Official Trailer

More than a decade after earning Best Director acclaim for 2005 shortfilm, Subtitle, director Gavin Lim has since begun paving the way with his feature debut upon returning to the Singapore International Film Festival later this month. His new feature debut, Diamond Dogs, has hit the web with a splashy and violent new look at the upcoming small-budgeted action thriller headlined by none other than Singaporean action star Sunny Pang who has already won in-roads with global audiences for his imposing gravitas opposite Iko Uwais in Mo’ Bros action thriller, Headshot.

A stage three cancer diagnosis leaves deaf and mute Johnny with little to lose when he is lured into a deadly underground social experiment. Funded by the uber rich, it pits fighters against one another in a test of animalistic aggression and adrenaline. Johnny’s fight to the top is brutal, fueled by the sole desire to exact revenge on the man who caged him in. 

Action star Sunny Pang delivers up pulsating bouts of violence in director Gavin Lim’s gritty revenge flick, supported by scene-stealing turns from Mediacorp heartthrob Andie Chen, TV star Rosalind Pho and Japanese temptress Anri Okita. Peeling back the layers of the dark, bitter soul of man isn’t always pretty, but Lim infuses the shadowy instincts of Diamond Dogs with a relentless energy that will leave audiences breathless.

This won’t be Pang’s only outing going into 2018 with a small flurry of local TV dramas as well as further big screen aspirations as a film star now burgeoning with audiences on a far bigger scale. Seeing Headshot will give you an idea on how hard he goes with physical action and he never ceases to impress, and I’m certain that audiences he’s tended to including at Fantastic Fest in Austin and at Toronto’s TIFF would concur.

A little forewarning is needed as you might want to consider what you’re about to see as something of a NSFW trailer to watch in private. Otherwise, peep the trailer below to your heart’s content!