Indiegogo Alert: Help Bring Ninjas To NYC For Subway Cinema's 5th OLD SCHOOL KUNG FU FEST This April!

If you’re like me and you’re not a heavily educated film buff on classic ninja movies (I blame my deprived childhood for that one), then you understand what that kind of pain means. However, there is still hope as people like the longstanding cinephiles over at Subway Cinema are poised to host their fifth Old School Kung Fu Film Fest at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City with a slew of original 35mm prints of classic ninja films for our viewing pleasure. This year though, they’re going to need a but more help.

Subway Cinema is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to pay the owners of the original prints and, among other things, help rent the equipment and space needed to help make Old School Kung Fu Film Fest 2015 happen. The festival’s four-day event is set between 16th and the 19th this April and with the campaign ending in less than a month with well over 5k to raise, they could sure use every bit of help and support, and as always, donations to such movements as these are always rewarded – In this case, free tickets for you and your friends to opening night, the secret screener, and even your own damn sword. A SWORD…you little ninja wannabe you!

Head over to the Indiegogo and support the campaign by either donating, sharing or telling your friends about this event. Hell, if you run a website and write about stuff like this, by all means, have at it!