AOF 2018: Alexander Nevsky Wins This Years Break Out Action Star Award

Niche film festivals and events are a bastion for folks like Alexander Nevsky who began placeholding his emergence into the U.S. through his Hollywood Storm production banner. Megafest, at this year’s fourteenth installment of the Action On Film International Film Festival will be such an occasion where the multifaceted film professional and former bodybuilding champ will be on deck to receive the 2018 prize for Break Out Action Star.

Our own James Couche has had much more engagement in recent years with Nevsky’s films and he might be able to give you a more astute viewpoint and analysis about his work. I’ve only begun covering him four years ago and so my take on his efforts are half-and-half; Black Rose was a fun, well-tuned, low-budget/mid-brow murder mystery thriller with Nevsky at the helm and Kristanna Loken prior to the recent release of the lesser-faring Showdown In Manila helmed by Mark Dacascos in his directorial debut.

No less than eighteen years in, it’s fair to say Nevsky comes from a great pedigree of folks with a wealth of knowledge and appreciation for film and if you look in the right places, it shows. I have my share of hopes for Maximum Impact when it releases this Fall and this time with the return of Andrzej Bartkowiak in the directors’ chair, and since it already came out in Russia, I’m curious to know if anyone who reads our site has any thoughts on the film. So, feel free to tweet us or reach out on Facebook.

As for the AOF ceremony, read on:

One thing we attempt to do every year is to find some of the most qualified stars and entertainers in the world to bring to our audiences each season.  This year our committee decided on the great Alexander Nevsky as our 2018 Break Out Action Star.
Festival Director Theresa Coscarelli said, ‘He’s handsome, talented, professional and he’s worked with top people in front of and behind the camera.  What more could you ask for?’
Alexander Nevsky was born in Moscow. Graduated from Russian State University of Management. Later learned English at the UCLA and studied acting at Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in Los Angeles.
When asked to receive the award at the August 25, 2018 event which will be held in Las Vegas, NV for the second year after twelve seasons in Los Angeles. Nevsky said, ‘Thank you very much for that huge honor and I really look forward to attending your great Festival! Thanks for supporting independent action movies, can’t wait to show my film Maximum Impact to the real action fans at ACTION ON FILM!’
Nevsky is a former amateur boxer and bodybuilder, he won Mister Universe title 3 times (at World Bodybuilding Federation / World Fitness Federation). He is a strong proponent of natural (drug-free) bodybuilding. He is an author of 9 successful books about fitness which were published in Russia. His new autobiography “Bodybuilding and other secrets of success” become a bestseller in Russia/CIS in November 2017.
Nevsky is established movie star and a household name in his home country. His TV show “Self Made Man” had an audience of about 50M people weekly on Channel One Russia in the 90s. He was featured in most of publications included The Hollywood Reporter Russia, Men’s Health Russia, GQ Russia, Playboy Russia etc. His first Hollywood film was Walter Hill’s Undisputed, his credits also included Somewhere by Sofia Coppola.
Nevsky produced 7 international action films to date (Moscow Heat, Treasure Raiders, Magic Man and Showdown in Manila among others). He made his directorial debut with an action thriller Black Rose which was a theatrical box office hit in Russia/CIS already and was released in North America by eOne / Sony. His upcoming projects include big budget action comedy Maximum Impact directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak (Romeo Must Die) and written by Ross LaManna (Rush Hour).
Nevsky is an active member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and he votes for the Golden Globe Awards since 2003. His production company Hollywood Storm based in Los Angeles, California.
This is the 14th Annual Action On Film International Film Festival Black Tie Dinner and Award Show and previous award winners and participants include Talia Shire, Harry Lennix, Ron Perlman, Eric Bana, Bill Duke, JJ Perry, Deborah Kara Unger, Vinnie Jones, David Carradine, John Savage and many other great stars. Nevsky fits in beautifully with all of them and will be a great addition to the AOF Family