Meet The Kiheitai In New Character Posters For Live-Action GINTAMA

We only get to see but a hectic glimpse of him in the teaser, but now we have a full-on display of Parasyte Part 1 and 2 co-star, actor Arai Hirofumi in full costume as Okada Nizo in Fukuda Yuichi’s upcoming live-action adaptation, Gintama. He is otherwise known as Nizo “The Butcher”, the cold-blooded razor-sharp assassin whose skills with a sword are amplified with his consumption by the Benizakura, a mechanical demon sword of legend as told in Sorachi Hideaki’s popular manga and subsequent anime series and animated movie installments.

Nizo’s emergence, in accordance with his affiliation with the post-Jouishishi War extremist group, the Kiheitai, is also accompanied by sexy gunslinger Kijima Matako played by actress Nanao and actor Sato Jiro in the role of the perverted, self-proclaimed “feminist”, Takechi Henpeita. Actor and musician and actor Domoto Tsuyoshi rounds out the villain end of things as Kiheitai leader, Shinsuke Takasugi, whose history with our main protagonist is amply explored with great depth in the animated series and manga, so much so that the release of this film may have you pining for sequels to help flesh it all out.

Said principle, of course, is Oguri Shun in the role of Sakata Gintoki, a derelict and lazy samurai who finds purpose in an Odd Jobs firm amid post-Alien invasion Edo, working with oddball friends, straight-laced Shimura Shinpachi played by Suda Masaki, and bubbly alien warrior outcast, Kagura, played by Kashimoto Hanna. Others cast are actress Nagasawa Masami as Shinpachi’s sister, Tae, Muro Tsuyoshi as bumbling mechanic and engineer Gengai Hiraga and Osada Masaki as Kotaro Katsura, the eccentric rebel Joui leader and owner of a “pet” named Elizabeth.

Also starring among others listed are Yagira Yuga as Hijikata Toshiro, the vice commander of Edo’s police force, the Shinsengumi, next to Yoshizawa Ryo as Sogo Okita, and Shinsengimi commander ever in-pursuit of Tae’s affections, played by Nakamura Kankuro. Obviously some characters may be missing from this ensemble which is unfortunate and maybe that will change. I also reckon more character visuals are on their way as well while I wouldn’t mind an official trailer by now ahead of its July 14 release. My only gripe is I don’t live in Japan. Hm.

View the character posters below and stay tuned!