Kozo Takeda Takes Center-Ring In The New MMA Action Drama, DEATH MATCH

As common as it is nowadays to see the birth of an acting career with former fighting athletes, filmmaker Arty Morgan (a.k.a. Atsushi Muroga, helmer of the Gun Crazy film franchise) isn’t afraid to do step in the ring and do just that. In fact, he did so about a few years ago on location in the Philippines with the production of his latest action drama, Death Match (once known as The Death Match: Fighting Fist Of Samurai Joe).

The film appears to be the English-language feature-length screen debut of former welterweight K-1 kickboxer Kozo Takeda who has already done some television work within the past few years. This time, Takeda takes the stage as a former mercenary who partakes in street fights to help a woman pay off her unclaimed debt to a gangster, following a six-year prison sentence for rescuing her from her abusive husband by killing him.

The film had its premiere in the Peace category of the 5th annual Okinawa International Film Festival last year and is finally making its way to a domestic theatrical release on June 21. Takeda is joined by actress Elle Velasco and actor Alvin Anson.

Check out the trailer below and stay tuned for more news when available.