FALLING CAMELLIA: Perilous Brotherhood Weathers The Storm In The Official Teaser

Award-winning filmmaker Kimura Daisaku has a new novel adaptation on the way with period pic, Falling Camellia (Chiri Tsubaki). Toho has already put together a teaser which should garner some attention for chanbara fans looking forward to a compelling swordplay drama with themes centered on sacrifice, loyalty, love and war.

Such is the case for Hanmuro Rin’s novel that foundates the narrative telling of a gifted swordsman who, after being ousted by his corrupt boss and upon the dying wishes of his wife, returns to his old estate in favor of a former comrade with whom he shares a bitter romantic rivalry. The cast enlists Okada Junichi with actress Aso Kumiko and actor Nishijima Hidetoshi for the film’s September 28 release.

Check out the teaser!