Darkness Is A Ninja's Ally In The New Shortfilm, ASSASSIN

Netizens are well on their way to witnessing several independent filmmakers delve into live action production inspired by beloved Japanese classic anime and manga properties, with one of the most popular being Dragon Ball Z. Such is the case with writer and director Mariusz Scislowicz whose work can currently be viewed on his official page for the project HERE.

On that note, after kicking off his latest venture into the action genre with a screening earlier this year for his latest experimental martial arts action shortfilm, Assassin, featuring actor David Cheung, Scislowicz recently unveiled the new shortfilm through his YouTube channel below. And if you are into ninja heroics and gritty action capped off with some gruesome kills, then this is a nice little indie gem which should satisfy. Plus, I’ve talked about some of Cheung’s work before, and needless to say, he’s quite talented and worth looking out for on the long haul.

Check out Assassin below and remember to subscribe to the links in the description for more exciting content.