ATLAS CAM FIGHT Brings You A Whole New View Of Action

Ben Jenkin and Solomon Brende demonstrate their freerunning skills with Atlas Cam equipment.

If you look at any fight scene from a film or an online test fight such as the ones I have hosted on this site, they all have their own flavor and vision as per their stunt coordinators and choreographers and directors. Such was the case for the latest online gem brought to you courtesy of Microdrones-pictures, a company best known for its high-flying style and vision of cinematography by way of stuntman and stunt coordinator Ferdi Fischer, whose latest experiment is now available online, simply called Atlas Cam Fight.

Assisted by fellow stuntman and cinematographer Daniel Leavitt, the new video’s main focus aisde from illustrating the action was to demonstrate just how Atlas works; Basically it’s a camera stabilizer that fits on the shoulder from the front to the back of its user. The result is what you see below, courtesy of director and fight choreographer James Young. And while this particular equipment isn’t used often in Hollywood, it makes one curious. Could this be the future of fight scene cinematography?

Check out the sampler below, featuring Brendon Huor, Travis Wong, Gui DaSilva and Mickey Facchinello, with Ben Jenkin and Solomon Brende. And to learn more about Microdrones-pictures, feel free to give their Facebook page a few minutes of your time.