Universe Pictures Group Announces Female Centric MMA Drama, EXCELSIS

Whatever is happening after this week from Universe Pictures Group will surely get some attention as the weeks roll by. Jaze Bordeaux’s Excelsis is coming, and oddly enough, inspired from a new word he erected after spotting a particular sports calendar photo – at least that’s what the word is, but guaranteed this will be another interesting foray into the MMA genre with a female lead cast.

Their announcement was unveiled on Monday with all the details and specifics below:

TORONTO, ON –(Marketwired – May 09, 2016) – Universe Pictures Group in association with Mr. Bravo Entertainment Group today announced the upcoming production of “Excelsis” a spine tingling, high-energy Drama Sport movie. 

“‘Excelsis’ is a dynamic and awe-inspiring movie about overcoming our biggest opponent in life. This is a story that audiences worldwide of all backgrounds will be able to relate to while simultaneously elevating female Mixed Martial Arts to new heights,” said Executive Producer and Director Jaze Bordeaux. 

In “Excelsis”, Cassady Jones battles through the amateur mixed martial arts ranks as a mediocre fighter awaiting her big break. Then suddenly one day a mysterious Fight Promoter offers Cassady an opportunity of a lifetime. Understanding that her big break is finally at hand Cassady decides to take advantage of the opportunity and embarks on an epic quest that mirrors our everyday movement through life. While Cassady is down for the count she realizes that she’s not just in another fight she’s in the fight for everything! 

As life sometimes imitates art, “Excelsis” Producers believe that the movie has the potential to revolutionize the Drama Sport movie genre in the same manner that “Rocky” (1976) starring Sylvester Stallone radically changed the movie genre upon its release. In fact, within the past century of motion picture entertainment there has only been two previous movie titles that have featured a female lead in a Martial Arts or Mixed Martial Arts movie. Those titles include: “The Next Karate Kid” (1994) starring Hilary Swank and “Fight Valley” (2016) starring Holly Holm. 

To continue, the Drama Sport movie genre has seen its top 100 movies over the past thirty years gross in excess of three billion ($3,000,000,000) dollars in theatrical releases alone, according to Box Office Mojo. With a story that could leave audiences on the edge of their seats, “Excelsis” could potentially become one of the most anticipated movie releases within the past 30 years. “The stakes are extremely high with ‘Excelsis’. The success of this movie has the potential to change everything that we’ve become accustomed to when it comes to Drama Sport movies,” said Executive Producer Gino Bravo. 

Moreover, “Excelsis” will feature performances from Karlee Rose who stars as Cassady Jones and Avaah Blackwell starring as Scarlett Jones while showcasing surreal mixed martial arts fight scenes, original music score and an inspiring story to create a movie for the ages. “Excelsis” is scheduled to go into production later this year.