INFERNAL AFFAIRS Is Getting An Indian Remake From WB, Azure

Azure and Warner Bros. India are currently forging a line-up of titles for local production, including a number of remakes and the latest on the roster is one of Andrew Lau and Alan Mak’s 2002 crime thriller, Infernal Affairs. The film was the first of a trilogy offset with a role reversal tale centered on two men from both sides of the law working as moles infiltrating the triads and the Hong Kong police.

Martin Scorsese adapted the tale for 2006 crime drama, The Departed starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Vera Farmiga and Mark Wahlberg and eventually earned an Oscar for Best Picture Oscar among its accolades. WB TV was attached to that film’s advancement as a series for Amazon a little over a year ago with Jason Richman developing a script and while there’s been nary a word since, that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

However, an Indian remake wouldn’t lose its appeal with audiences given the right cast and a look that will undoubtedly amplify things under the right director. They’re still searching for one which also begs asking who would among those reading this like to see headlining the film. Any takers? Comment below! (Deadline)