More Girl Trouble For Seshiro In The New Test Fight Short B-GIRL BEATDOWN

Mari Saito gets her kicks while Sharon Berezin flips into position in ‘B-Girl Beatdown’!

Dragon Phoenix Entertainment continues to stay on the map this month with independent filmmaker Shaun “Seishiro Kazama” Charney as he continues getting into more girl trouble, this time with performers Mari Saito and Sharon Berezin. Their new test fight is one of several experimental pieces for the ladies as of the last several years, including Saito whose specialties in dance, acrobatics, Chinese martial arts and working professionally as a cirque peformance artist have been major tools in shaping her craft to work with folks like Charney with whom she recently appeared in the second and third installments of Micah Brock’s fantasy action miniseries, Slug Street Scrappers, in addition to independent filmmaker and photographer, Jeff Centauri.

Berezin, hailing from the great state of New York, began cutting her teeth earlier on in Goju Ryu Karate before stepping into breakdancing scene in Boston, and ultimately moving to Los Angeles to pursue greener pastures as an aspiring actress and screenfighter, having also shared the set with indie filmmaker Leo Kei Angelos just last year. In her praise for Saito, citing her notable flexibility as her inspiration, Berezin also had some positive choice words on working with Charney. “He’s great,” she says. “I was a beginner as far as being in front of a camera and he is very patient.”.

With the unknown road ahead, Berezin remains optimistic and open-minded about the opportunities she looks forward to in the new year, so fans may want to keep their eyes peeled. In the meantime, check out the new video in the embed below where you can also subscribe for more info on Dragon Phoenix Entertainment.