UCLA Earns “BATTLE B-BOY” Status For This Year’s VIFF!

With a unique SPIN on the word “defy”, writer and director Frank Lin continues to live up to the tagline that states the case for his latest film, “BATTLE B-BOY” which is set to hit this year’s Vietnamese International Film Festival at UCLA on April 11, 2013! The film features the latest and the best in breakdance and martial arts stunt performance, starring Ricky Cole, Richie Greenfield, Ingel Catindig, Longkue Steven Lor, Jonathan Phan, Alison Dahrstrom, Valerie Acosta, Peipei Yuan, Gyroe, Josh Ventura, Marie Bonnvay, JD Rainey, Jeremy Washington, Bailey Munoz, Megan Nguyen, Karen Beck, and also starring actor, author and martial artist John Kreng, who also served as the film’s action choreographer, stunt coordinator and producer.