The BADASSES Are Coming Home In 2014

Danny Trejo, best known for his blade-wielding badass lead role in Machete and the upcoming film, Machete Kills, made headlines back in 2012 having starred in the internet viral video-inspired film, Badass. On Thursday, reported that the sequel, Badasses, wrapped up filming and is currently in post-production, also starring Danny Glover and Andrew Divoff. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is handling distribution.

Both movies, written and directed by Craig Moss, are inspired by a character based on an internet camera phone recording of a fight that occured on bus mid-transit in Oakland, California back in 2010. The “winner” of that fight, Thomas A. Bruso, who was 67 at the time, became an internet sensation known as “Epic Beard Man”.

The sequel will follow Trejo’s character, Vietnam War veteran Frank Vega, now owning his own community center in Los Angeles where he mentors young boxers. When his prized student gets mixed up in a bad crowd and is ultimately murdered he and friend, Frank, must take matters into their own hands to find his killer, while protecting themselves as well as Frank’s newfound love interest.

The film is slated for a limited theatrical release in late 2013, followed by DVD, Blu-Ray and digital distribution in early 2014.

In other news, Trejo’s current film from director Robert Rodriguez, Machete Kills, has been moved from its original September release date to its new date on October 14, 2013, courtesy of Open Road Films.