FMA Takes Center Stage In The New LBP Short, BAHAD

It was back in February that I got to acquaint myself with actor and stuntman Bryan Sloyer who mentioned a few projects he was working on this year. One of those projects in particular would evidently include fellow action actor Jerry Quill and resident independent filmmaker and action director Emmanuel Manzanares for their latest collaborative short test fight effort, Bahad.

The title itself carries several derivative meanings in a few languages, including Hebrew, and especially in Cebuano dialect. In this particular instance, for indie action fans, it simply earns the title meaning “Duel”, which is what it is — a breakneck, fast paced cinematic clash between two Eskrimadors challenging each other to test the limits of their skills. Bahad is also a reunion project after last year’s collaboration for The Fixer, as well  as a concept introduced by Sloyer who also happens to be a purveyor of Filipino martial arts himself.

The result is what you see below, and as you can see, the concept definitely works as another addition to the LBP brand of action, as well as action in general. And considering how long and how prevalent Filipino martial arts fight choreography has been in many films over the years in some form or another, (i.e. Enter The Dragon, Out For Justice, The Perfect Weapon, S.P.L., I, Frankenstein, The Raid, etc.), I personally feel there is still tons of potential ways to explore and observe FMA in a very cinematic, raw and entertaining fashion for today’s audiences.

Creativity never dies. And Bahad is a noteworthy reminder of exactly that.

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