ReDefinition Films Presents: A TASTE OF CAPOEIRA: BATIZADO TIME!!!

Independent filmmaker Kamal Robinson is currently in the middle of working a series of feature-length documentaries centered on the Brazilian martial art, Capoeira. Initially filmed in Los Angeles two years ago, A Taste Of Capoeira: Batizado Time!!! is reportedly the second in a series of films produced under Robinson‘s banner, ReDefinition Films focused on Capoeira and the lives it touches on a daily basis.

This time around, Robinson puts explicit focus on the events and workshops in the days leading up to the main ceremony for Capoeira Brazil’s annual Batizado, emcee’d by CBLA’s own Mestre Boneco and organized by his staff and other participants. And aside from the training and martial aspects of Capoeira, Robinson‘s new film will immerse you in the various interpersonal lives and stories of purveyors and teachers impacted by Capoeira, offering just a slice of a much more global community that comes together in various parts of the world to celebrate culture, music, athleticism, food, love and happiness, such is what a Batizado (Ba-chee-za-do) is.

Some scenes are more poignant than others, and will definitely grip you to see how some of these moments unfold.

The film was also funded from Robinson‘s own money and is FREE to view. So, while you’re here, subscribe to Robinson‘s channel, set aside two hours and get ready for an amazing, cinematic social journey. And by all means, feel free to expand the description of the video for links, contact info and other details about the documentary.

H/T: Indiewire / Shadow And Act