FIVE-A-DAY ROUND-UP XVII: Solo, Batman Ninja, Forgotten, Iron Sky 2, Apostle

The publicity hasn’t exactly been all optimistic as fans await what lies ahead for Solo: A Star Wars Story. The responsibility shifting from Phil Lord and Chris Miller to Ron Howard will hopefully see a difference as the film approaches its May 25 date with Alden Ehrenrich, Emilia Clarke and Donald Glover starring, especially with Disney not letting up anytime soon with the franchise.

Mizusaki Junpei’s animated directorial debut, Batman Ninja, isn’t the first time the popular caped crusader was reconceived by way of Asian mythos (See Batman Of Shanghai). Of course, it was only a matter of time until someone managed to realize this on a full scale and thus, we now have Warner Bros. Japan hailing the DC crowd with Batman Ninja, manifested in part from the people who brought you Afro Samurai, Psycho Pass and Kill La Kill. Release dates remain pending.

Further into the suspense and mystery fray, Korean thriller, Forgotten, is also coming to Netflix following its regional release later this month. Jang Hang-Jun directs actors Kang Ha-Neul and Kim Moo-Yul for the story of a man struggling to reconnect with his brother nineteen days after disappearing only to re-emerge with amnesia.

Iron Sky: The Coming Race is second in line of an ambitious trilogy from empassioned director Timo Vuorensola. The film, set after the events of its 2012 predecessor now sees a select group of heroes on a mission to fight a reptilian alien army in order to save the remnants of mankind now surviving on the moon. The first trailer arrived back in May and a new trailer might be in tow before it opens in February in Finland so bookmark this one as well.

I’m on pins and needles for what Gareth Evans aims to achieve with his new series, Gangs Of London. I’m also curious about Deathstroke and any chance of a third chapter in the Raid franchise which simply needs to happen. In the meantime, fans looking toward something different can expect Apostle to arise in the new year on Netflix with Dan Stevens leading the story of a man who ventures deep in the trenches of a cult to find his sister. Trailer footage awaits.

See you tomorrow for another five-a-day pick!