A Pirate's Escape Ends In Showdown In The New Shortfilm, THE INFLUENCE

Brady Merriman launches his aerial assault in the new Project Rize action short, THE INFLUENCE

Further updates are pending regarding independent filmmaker Danny Vega‘s upcoming feature-length action crime thriller, A Dance With The Devil. In the meantime, he has offered a brand new experimental shortfilm creation via his YouTube platform, Project Rize in the form of The Influence. While Vega directed and filmed the project, the concept mostly belongs to one of its performers, up-and-coming actor and stuntman Ben Aycrigg, who previously appeared several weeks ago in a new year kick-off test fight short promoting fellow Florida action stalwart, David Conk’s new team, Wolf Stunts.

For The Influence, Aycrigg choreographed the action imitating a mild hybridization of swashbuckling swordplay and kung fu, which isn’t so bad from an independent piece and is fun to watch any way you slice it. Hopefully we will learn more about these performers in the weeks and months ahead. In the meantime, check out The Influence in the embed below, also featuring lead performer Brady Merriman, along with action actors Matt Bricker and Andrew Trask. And stay tuned for more info on A Dance With The Devil and other forthcoming works from Project Rize.