KNIGHTS OF THE DAMNED: ‘Order Of Knights’ Franchise Hails Sequel Development With Actress Zara Phythian, Film Campaign In China This Summer

Love movies and martial arts and plan on being in China anytime soon? In that case, you might be keen on catching up with twice-winning Martial Arts Woman of the Year winner, actress Zara Phythian when she joins Wing Chun Grandmaster Samuel Kwok to advance current and upcoming film projects under their OTM film production banner.

You can click here to read more about the event currently setting the stage at the XiQiaoshan National Arts Film Studio in Foshan, China, coinciding with progress on the forthcoming sequel pending a July shoot to follow-up the recently-wrapped production of the new fantasy adventure, Knights Of The Damned. Freshman helmer Simon Wells makes his directorial debut with Phythian joining fellow lead cast Ross O’Hennessy, Adrian Bouchet, Silvio Simac and producer/creator Ben-Loyd Holmes.

170 years ago the realm of Nazroth was in chaos. A time of vicious civil war and sorcery that tore the idyllic world into 12 kingdoms. 

The most respected and powerful kingdom is that of Zaldah, whose King Xalvador has endeavoured to keep harmony in the face of neighbouring kingdoms petty fighting. The beasts of The Dark Kingdom and the Dragons have not been seen for generations and there has been relative peace in the land. 

But 9 months ago the screams of dragons once again filled the skies and King Xalvador’s western castle was bombarded with unprovoked attacks. To restore peace and ensure the safety of his people the King ordered 12 of his best Knights to slay the beast. The Royal Warriors chased the dragon away from Zaldah, a fight of teeth and blade, fire and steel. As each battle claims another life, the Knights feel a darkness growing in the land… 

Nazroth is changing again…

The film is priming for a premiere on August 2 in Leicester Square in tandem with the release of the first book in the Order Of Kings series.

A mini teaser for the upcoming official trailer has already begun making the rounds. Take a look below and check in with the official website for more updates.