[Video] REFLECTIONS ON STAR TREK: Fandom After 50 And A Plea To Future Generations

I’m a bit far apart from the inner workings of the Star Trek fanbase, but I am familiar with the ceremonial nature of this year in the wake of the release of Star Trek: Beyond and the forthcoming CBS series, Star Trek: Discovery. Looking into the matter further with the hopes of attaining a bit of a sci-fi angle to our readership, I took to a friend of mine on social media named Ben Riddle, an avid Star Trek fan and cult follower to delve into his own thoughts about in an article at his own behest.

He obliged accordingly and you can check it out for yourself by clicking here in case you missed it, while you might be keen on his stronger suited work in providing video lectures on things he enjoys talking about via his YouTube channel. This ultimately includes sci-fi, film and television entertainment, and incidentally, all things Star Trek, which he now provides in his latest video update reciting his August piece, which should also serve as useful for those who are visually impaired and can’t read articles for that reason.

Apart from that, the video does accomodate specific images to place emphasis on the following essay you’re about to listen to. It features photos of the cast, clips from various iterations of the show and posters, as well as a few grim images applied to amplify Ben’s thoughts with respect to the real world results and outcomes that mankind has faced in up to five decades since the evolution of franchise creator and sci-fi patriarch, the late Gene Roddenberry’s futuristic vision began its evolution on the small screen. Enjoy!