Watch Toby Segar Take Flight And Go BERSERK!

I don’t get to cover a lot of Parkour and tricking on my site, as much as I should. The kind of things that freerunners are capable of never fail to blow minds, particularly in the case of Flow’s latest video featuring UK freerunner and filmmaker, Toby Segar, who’s been running leaps and bounds since the age of eleven.

Now, at nineteen, it’s safe to say that Segar has become quite exceptional at his craft, something that has turned out to be beneficial for the folks at Parkour clothing apparel company, Take Flight. And with Eminem as the backdrop of this energizing music video, you’ll be sure to grant your Saturday morning a proper start.

Watch the video below, and if you haven’t subscribed to Flow’s YouTube channel yet, waste no further time and subscribe away.