Star-Studded Martial Arts Comedy FURY OF THE FIST AND THE GOLDEN FLEECE Gets A Limited U.S. Release On May 25

2018 will be a banner year for actor and martial artist Alexander Wraith whose directorial debut, Fury Of The Fist And The Golden Fleece, boasts a raft of heavy hitters among its star-studded cast. Comedy Dynamics has reportedly picked up the film for a limited day-and-date release on May 25 with a story centered on The Fist, who after thwarting a robbery attempt, finds himself in the throes of the Super Boss whose evil plans include emasculating men via estrogen-pumped meat.

Actor Sean Stone co-wrote the film with Wraith, as well as stars opposite celebrated American Ninja franchise star Michael Dudikoff, in addition to appearances by action legend Cynthia Rothrock, up-and-coming actress Bianca Brigitte VanDamme, and actors Ernie Reyes Jr., and Jeremy and Jason London. The latest report at Deadline also lists the film’s roster of cameos including and not limited to actors Danny Trejo, Tommy Davidson, Bill Goldberg, Taimak, Richard Grieco and Don “The Dragon” Wilson among the cast.

Stone also penned the film with Wraith as well as produced with Patrick and Judy Durham, Peter Antico, Gary Williams and Natalie Gal. Stay tuned for an official trailer and updated artwork.