Watch Two Final Behind-The-Scenes Clips From ONCE UPON A TIME IN VIETNAM

The last two behind-the-scenes videos for the filming of Once Upon A Time In Vietnam are now available online. The film opened in Vietnam with a star-studded premiere back in August led by actor, writer and director Dustin Nguyen who is currently promoting the film at the 18th Annual Busan International Film Festival in Korea which will last until October 12. The film is also kicking off the East Winds Film Festival in the U.K. beginning at the end of the month.

Described as the first-ever film of its kind for the Vietnamese film industry, Once Upon A Time In Vietnam sees lead actor Nguyen in his directorial debut, starring as Dao, a wandering warrior monk defending an innocent village from ruthless gangsters leading to a deadly final confrontation in story of action, romance, fantasy, and good versus evil. The film also stars Veronica Ngo, Hoang (Ben) Quan Nguyen, Thai Hoa, Jason Ninh Cao, Dinh Ngoc Diep and Roger Yuan along with Roger Yuan who also served as the film’s fight consultant with action director Bui Van Hai.

Once Upon A Time In Vietnam, Dustin Nguyen‘s directorial debut, has since sold worldwide, with North American acquisition courtesy of Lionsgate/Grindstone. You can also check out behind the scenes clips of the film’s production with parts one and two HERE, and part three HERE.


OUATIV BTS Part 5 (Viewable Only On Desktop)