Celine Tran Stays Sharp In The New Action Short, BLADED MINDS

Former pornstar turned comic-book co-creator and author Celine Tran is heating things up this summer having recently debuted her newly evolving skill set in action performance for films with the shortfilm pitch for the new comic book series, Heartbreaker. To say the least, much of the response appears to be nothing short of upbeat and optimistic as it not only presented a look into a brand new superheroine franchise, but a new rising star in the process of completely reinventing herself for the world of action cinema.

Well, if you thought there was any indication that Heartbreaker would be the end-all-be-all for Tran‘s latest experimental ventures in the genre, then you couldn’t be more wrong. She’s taking it quite seriously having already trained with a handful of stunt professionals in a few parts of the world, including Wild Stunts member Kefi Abrikh and independent filmmaker Godefroy Ryckewaert who popped up on my map as recently as late last year. And this weekend, the three are back with a new noir test fight shortfilm symbolically titled Bladed Minds, featuring Tran and Abrikh in a fast-paced one-on-one swordfight to the end.

It’s another noteworthy display of sheer, solid action design and performance with a few laughs at the end, and one I highly recommend marking as another step up for an actress who is well on her way to standing out in a whole new way.

Check out all the action below, and someone tell Mr. Besson that this action beauty is ready for her close-up!

Bladed Minds (Long Version) from Kefi Abrikh – (Samuel) on Vimeo.