Carrie Fisher’s Scenes Have Been Completed For The Next STAR WARS Film


Fans concerned with whether or not actress Carrie Fisher finished her scenes for her slated appearance in the next Star Wars movie which wrapped this past summer, can put their minds at ease. The latest trade news according to The Wrap reports that Fisher will, indeed, reprise her role as Leia, formerly a rebel princess and now an active general of the Resistance against the First Order as seen in last year’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The news comes hours after Fisher’s death was confirmed on December 27, four days after the actress’s plane landed in Los Angeles inbound from London amid suffering a stroke, prompting her admittance to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center where her condition reportedly improved. Fisher’s career launched with Hal Ashby’s Shampoo (1975) and has worked with stars such as the Beatles’s Ringo Starr, The Blues Brothers, Tom Hanks, Mike Myers and comedy duo Jay and Silent Bob – Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith. Fisher is also a multiaward-winning activist and author having earned her acclaim with her outspoken gravitas and comedic allure, and shedding light on issues such as mental health and drug abuse.

To date, her biggest stake in film is accomodated by director George Lucas co-stars, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Peter Mayhew among others, and a worldwide fanbase that accumulated in nearly four decades with the premiere of Star Wars in 1977 launching a franchise that would embed itself as a contending bookmark in sci-fi history for years to come. Fisher, who was 60, will be seen in the tentatively titled Star Wars VIII from director Rian Johnson on December 15, 2017.