CHINAMAN WU-PING: Austin Stuntman And Filmmaker Pushes Forward With Feature Indie Kung Fu Debut

Ballistic Blade Entertainment

EXCLUSIVE: Actor, stuntman and filmmmaker Benjamin Redic II is officially stepping into feature film terrirory these days with his debut independent effort, Chinaman Wu Ping: Stranger Out Of Canton. Together with co-helmer Edwin Quiñones, the new action adventure film is currently thirty-percent completed with scenes filming in the city of Los Angeles in California, as well as in both Austin and Round Rock in the state of Texas.

Per the production, the film’s logline centers on Wu-Ping, a young martial artist who is raised near a monastery in Canton, living a life surrounded by monks and even trained by a legendary master monk. When American mercenaries raid his home, assault his master and steal the sacred Yodi manuscripts, Wu-Ping sets out to retrieve them once and for all along with a band of allies as they stand against an entire city of criminals and corrupt government officials.

Movement on the film comes several years following collapsed efforts to crowdfund the project via Indigogo. Redic II, whose Ballistic Blade Entertainment LLC banner is producing, stars along with Quinones in addition to Ammie Leonards, Najmeddin Al Haddad, Zach Gossett, Marina Alighieri, Ziko Ziya Farajzada and many others. Jerry L. Brooks serves as executive producer while the film advances production as well as continued efforts for investment next to Adam Dunlap’s Take Flight L.L.C., and both Austin-based Bam Academy and Katie Freyer’s Lions Krav Maga.

The production is also working with third-generation Ip Man lineage kung fu organization, Ming House Ving Tsun, to ground the film’s martial arts essence in as much authenticity as possible. Further updates are available on the film’s Facebook page.