Tyranny Ignites An Epic Battle For Justice In The New Trailer For KUNDO: AGE OF THE RAMPANT

It’s a good old fashioned tale of 19th century sword-swinging noble heroics with a splash of vengeance in director Yoon Jong-bin‘s new period action adventure, Kundo: Age Of The Rampant. The film marks another big and highly anticipated film for Korean theater goers here, starring Ha Jung-woo in his forth actor/director pairing with Yoon, opposite actor Kang Dong-won in a the ultimate fight against late Chosun-era tyranny.


A new hope for the powerless and impoverished people and its name is KUNDO.  

Year 1859 — it is the feudal Chosun era in which the king and the aristocracy rule the country. Due to the continuous natural disasters and poor harvest, poverty, hunger and death are rampant. But as the rulers are concerned with only their own wealth, they carry on exploiting and persecuting the poor. In this dark period, KUNDO is a ray of hope for the poor; he is someone who can be the figure of fear to the undeserving nobles. And there are two men who have to stand against each other.  

In the era when one’s status is decided by birth, Dolmuchi was born to a poor butcher while Jo-yoon was born into a powerful and wealthy family. The two men strike a dangerous deal and Dolmuchi loses his mother and sister as a result. He is trampled by Jo-yoon who commands absolute power in his oppressive world.  

Bringing together the men who are on the fringe of this dark society, Dolmuchi is accepted as a member of KUNDO and opens his eyes to the world. He draws his sword out of the sheath and disperses the shadow cast on the poor and helpless. Before him, the man who took away his family appears. Standing in front Joyoon, Dolmuchi challenges his arch-enemy to their final duel.

The official trailer has finally arrived for the film’s domestic release in South Korea on July 23, 2014. Check it out now!