Watch The Thrilling New Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Action Short, SIREN

Independent filmmaker Gabriel Simon was once a film student back in 2009 with a bold idea in mind for something that sounded as crazy as much as he and his team felt was also possible. Now, five years in the making with two years of production and $3,000 to work with, Simon‘s latest half-hour foray into the sci-fi genre, Siren, is looking to generate more traction among the masses upon its official online release in early November.

Martial artist and lead actor Chris Barbis is joined by actress Kelsey George Mogensen in this post-apocalyptic tale of two unnamed characters cornered on a secluded island where an amnesia-inducing toxic agent is periodically released into the air, while defending themselves against three masked killers. There’s no dialogue in the first half as we witness Barbis‘ character struggle and rummage through the ruins for basic essentials and much of the action doesn’t pick up until the second act when things finally get dangerous, brutal and bloody. However, make no mistake here as it is not long after the footage starts until somebody dies, setting a dark and grim, and otherwise perfect tone for a kill-or-be-killed story where there are no heroes, only survivors at their worst.

Siren has already generated quite a bit of buzz after winning Best Narrative Feature at the 2014 SUNYWIDE Film Festival at Fredonia back in April. Feel free to learn more about it at the official Facebook page, and subscribe to the channel as well!

H/T: ArtVoice