DJANGO LIVES! With Actor Franco Nero Returning To Star

Myriad Pictures is reportedly reviving iconic spaghetti Western legend, Django, with Syrreal Entertainment, GMBH and Fast Draw Films, LLC. The new film was announced last week with word that Pandorum helmer Christian Alvart will direct the original screeplay being titled Django Lives!, written by Academy Award nominee John Sayles with Myriad also representing the film internationally for buyers at Cannes. The news comes roughly a year since Sayles was attached to the script with actor Franco Nero, who laid claim to the title role in Sergio Corbucci’s 1966 film, in mind for the role, and will officially reprise.


The film will see him remerging once again as the titular nomadic stranger living in 1914 California, a time far different from the dying Wild West, now the subject of Hollywood’s bustling period of Western narrative storytelling. En route to the small town of Matanzas, Django will find himself facing off a horde of KKK acolytes, unleashing his own brand of justice once again.

“I’m excited and honored to be a part of this great project that will update us on one of the greatest archetype  characters of movie history”. said Alvart.

“Having Christian direct Sayles powerful screenplay is a dream come true.  Even Christian’s third son is named Django. It was meant to be”, added Nero.

Corbucci’s Django is the root of its own legacy which spans cinema in a multitude of properties following its own inspiration from Kurosawa Akira’s Yojimbo. Nero is one of a plethora of actors to star in the dozens of sequels that followed the original, of which he only reprised in a second, Ted Archer’s Django Strikes Again in 1987. He last cameoed in a role seperate from that of the main protagonist in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained starring Jamie Foxx in 2012.

Alvart is producing for Syrreal along with Sigi Kamml, Josef Brandmaier, with Fast Draw Films’ Carolyn Pfeiffer, Louis Black, David Hollander and Nancy P. Sanders producing. Filming for Django Lives! will take place in Almeria, Spain and Berlin, Germany ahead of its 2018 release.