Reel Time: KENNY WONG (2014)

Having first landed my sights on the West coast for all things related to action films and stunts, it’s still pretty cool to know that there are some folks who share my interests here on the upper East, including actor and stuntman, Kenny Wong. And this week, Wong has taken to the internet to showcase his latest reel. So, I spoke to him for a little bit this week, and I asked him what he enjoys most about performing stunts on camera.

“I never stop training and learning new things in life,” he says. “I am much more aware about myself and being more assertive to improving myself as a person. And I don’t mean it in just the physical way. I’ve learned so much through the martial way, acrobatics, and stunts that it reflects back to my every day life that it grounds me. Sure it’s fun and I cross paths and end up welcoming such incredible people that open up new worlds of wisdom and encourage you. The life experiences I walk away with and the bonds I make are the most rewarding and humbling parts about doing stunts for me.”

Fifteen years into his profession, Wong has worked with quite an array of action veterans from various areas of film and stunt training, including mentor, actor and stuntman Roberto Lopez (Once Upon A Time In China And America) and director and Shaw veteran Robert Tai, to currently training with stunt coordinator and actor Chuck Jeffreys, and working with bonafide action star Gary Daniels. And if you have a good eye, you might recognize in a few of these shots now featured in the new reel which you can check out in the embed below.

You can catch Wong in a few more credits later this summer in Scott Derrickson’s upcoming paranormal thriller, Deliver Us From Evil on July 2, followed by actor Taylor Lautner’s new PG-13 parkour thriller, Tracers later this year.

2014 Stunt Reel from Kenny Wong on Vimeo.
Photo: Mitchel Gray