Martial Arts Tournament Thriller THE TRIGONAL Teases Justice By Design In The Official Trailer

EXCLUSIVE: The bustling career path faced by actor, martial artist and filmmaker Vincent Soberano is one that seems to have been continually ripe at nearly every turn in the past two years. Several films completed in his wake and with more in tow with partnerships currently in bloom, he is well on his way into the summer film festival season with a momentous brand that moviegoers and action fans will be very keen on in the coming months if not already.

Further details are still pending following the news we broke last month for upcoming thriller, No Man’s Waters and romantic action comedy, Three Poles, but keep these titles in mind as we now look toward the forthcoming release of Soberano’s new tournament action thriller, The Trigonal. Actor and martial artist Ian Ignacio leads the film among a raft of screen talents comprising the story of a retired martial arts champion forced to step in the ring once more when his wife and best friend fall victim to the wills of an international crime syndicate invaded his small idyllic town to launch an illegal underground fighting circuit.

The film’s campaign has been on a slow and steady rollout with at least six mini-teasers introducing our cast of characters which also include actress Rhian Ramos, actor Christian Vazquez, and multi-faceted actress Sarah Chang who also serves as the film’s fight choreographer; also starring are Levi Ignacio and Monsour Del Rosario, along with UFC contender Li JingLiang, Leigh Guda, Wu Pei Xu, Jakab Goldin and Australian actor Paul Allica. As of early Monday at 10am (Manila time), Film Combat Syndicate is more than pleased to present an exclusive look at the official trailer while Soberano and his team at Cinefenio proudly gear up for a Cannes premiere on May 9 ahead of its release in the Philippines.

Mind you, a new release date may very well lead to some new promotional artwork which we will be sure to share as well. In the meantime, check out the trailer below and stay tuned for further infomation as it’s made available!