[UPDATED] Meet The Global Cast Of Kazakh-Produced Actioner, THE WHOLE WORLD AT OUR FEET In Its Latest Trailer

Action film production at large is a bit tight and can endure its share of challenges. Such is the case for debut writer and director Salamat Mukhammed-Ali and writer/producer Dauren Mussa‘s long-awaited Kazakh-produced action drama, The Whole World At Our Feet, which wrapped production in 2011 as a milestone achievement for the genre within the region, as rare as it is for action films to be made in many areas of the world while Kazakhstan certainly has its share of titles invested in the genre for fans domestic and abroad, and in that regard, on top of some of the stellar action sequences now seen in the latest trailer, the impressive cast list surely speaks for itself as well.


Only one lusted glance induced a whole range of events which, like a shot would plunge a young lady ‘Aliya’ into a criminal abyss. But even in that vortex of flame and passion standing on the rocks, at the death’s door she had the only bailout remained which was her true love. It was crucial at that moment to endeavor a lot in order to preserve the honor and dignity and at that point the whole world would be at your feet!

Armand Assante, late actor Peter O’Toole, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and Michael Madsen all headline the film’s international cast with notable action favorites like Tommy Lister, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Оlivier Gruner and Bolo Yeung, joining the film’s regional cast roster featuring Russia’s Alexei Frandetti and Kazakh cast members Karlygash Mukhamedzhanova, Nurlan Altayev, Mikhail Tokarev, Serik Bimurzin and Murat Bisenbin. The film is finally set to release theatrically later this week while any and all updates pertaining to its distribution beyond Kazakh borders may be pending, although considering who is starring, I’d say its bound to happen sooner or later. On that note, perhaps this is just the film to help continue putting Kazakhstan’s film industry forward.

Check out the trailer below as well as a behind-the-scenes featurette (no English subs, sadly, but thankfully a dear friend of mine, pennamed Takai, translated the dialogue. I’m not familiar with all of the performers seen below so just feel free to read along).

Female voice: Two years ago, I worked at a casino owned by one very rich man. On a certain day, everything went downhill, beginning with the first hand (of cards).
Man: Just now, you’ve lost a ton of money. [scene change] You’ve given me the right to your life. I will give you the whole world as a gift. I will make you the owner of all this. [scene change] You owe me!
Blond woman: I’ve heard you started working here to find a girl. Bad idea. In this place, people only lose (not find).
[scene change]
Young man: I’ve been searching for you for so long. Where have you been these past two years?!
Male voice: We’ve known each other since childhood, and yet you always push me away.
[guy yelling “I love you”, with text reading “the whole world at your feet”]
[childhood flashback]
Little girl: If I am the queen, does that mean everyone else is my subject?
Little boy: Everyone.
Little girl: Everyone, everyone?
Little boy: Everyone, everyone. And the whole world will be at her feet [talking about the queen].
Male voice: I will not give you up.
Female voice: A completely different life began for me. And there was no room in it for love.
Man: You have a very specific purpose. Take aim, pull the trigger, and… don’t ask unnecessary questions.
[scene change]
Man: Why did you do it?
Male voice: Why him again?
Man: A wolf in love is no longer a predator.
[scene change]
Man: I will show you what a Kazakh is like, you dog. ((not sure about this line, couldn’t hear clearly))
Male voice: Please understand. Freedom and love have more value than money.

H/T: City On Fire